About Us

was founded in 2005 with a clear vision
of changing the negative image of Ethiopia
- as a place of civic unrest, poverty and famine -
to a more positive and multifaceted image
that pays adequate tribute to the intricacy of the country.


Offering outstanding service to our clients, we compete through quality, competence and professionalism. Our broad experience and excellent reputation has made IMAGE ETHIOPIA TOURS the striving and successful company it is today.

We operate tours as diverse and many-sided as Ethiopia itself. Depending on your interests and budget, we will take you on the famous historical route to the north of the country, lead you from ragged mountain peaks to lush valleys, to the colorful ethnicities of the south, to the captivating salt desert Dallol in the northeast, to the remotest of rock-hewn churches and monasteries. Our experienced multi-lingual tour guides and drivers will ensure that  you enjoy a fulfilling and memorable travel experience.

An important part of our effort to transform Ethiopia from an underrated travel destination to a versatile and fascinating one is the promotion of the well known tourist attractions like Axum, Lalibela, and Gondar. In addition to that, however, we are constantly exploring new routes and sites and have become experts in off-the-beaten-track tours.

Devoted to promoting  Ethiopia as the complex country it is, we do not intend to neglect the fact that it is still one of the least developed countries in the world. Yet we believe that responsible tourism can play a vital role in Ethiopia’s development. Keeping a close eye on social and environmental implications of tourism, we not only partner with local service providers but also focus on income-generating and sustainable mechanisms for our host communities as well as environment-friendly alternatives.

We wish the true beneficiaries of tourism to be the Ethiopian people  because they are the future of this beautiful country.

 We invite you to join us and experience the reality.

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